When launching CFMX, don’t forget the Sudo

Was trying to checka WSDL today on my mac install of CFMX, and got an AXIS permission denied error. After consulting with Simeon ( i knew it’d be something silly, and it was) i discovered that when using my handy little applescript app, it wasn’t firing the shell script off as root. Well duh, that would explain my problem.

After a little poking around, I found this. which said this.

do shell script "command" user name "me" password "mypassword" with administrator privileges


I went back to my AppleScript app, made the change, and viola, WSDL loaded just fine. Don’t be a Wilker and forget to run things as root.

Simeon pointed out I coulda changed the entire directory to be mine, so it’d all work under my login, but i opted to figure out my as root problem.


Now if I could get my MS SQL data to MySQL I’d be in 7th, or probably 8th or 9th heaven