Time for some change

My (albeit) short tenure with Quovadx is coming to a close. This coming week is my final week there, before I start a new role at a new company, in a new town (sorta).

I’ve decided to join Xylem CCI as a Senior Software Engineer (feels like I’ll be launching Space Shuttles or something). I’ll be doing CF still, and Flex (hopefully more Flex than I did at Quovadx, that was a shame). I’ll also be helping bolster CCI’s efforts in the community building and evangelism space, which was really what swayed me in their direction.

360Conferences is very important to me, and our goal is my goal, so CCI taking an interest in that, was very important to me.

So Monday the 25th, I’ll be light railing my a$$ up to Denver. I’ve worked in Denver once before and really enjoyed it, especially in the spring and summer, when every one is out. the people watching is excellent.


Wish me luck!


(it would seem my brain was a little disconnected. I work for Xylem, CCI, not Zylem CCI, and I added a link.)

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