We’re still hiring

We’re hiring, still. I recently joined Xylem CCI as a Senior Application Developer, or Engineer, or some such title. I do Flex Dev.


I love it. I’ve only ever worked at a "web shop" once before and it was nowhere as cool a place. That’s probably because Xylem is a Creative Advertising Agency, not an ad agency, don’t be confused.

We’ve got a number of positions open so take a look.

Since joining I’ve been neck deep in a really cool project, and have helped out on another project. It’s so great to be developing Flex apps all day, every day. Even greater to be doing it on some really cool applications. That’s a big thing right there. Applications, not websites…

So if you’re a Flex, ActionScript Developer looking for some incredible challenges, and are ok with Beer Fridays, dogs visiting the office, red bull by the truck load (really, I’ve seen it delivered), and small RC helicopters doing strafing runs over your desk, drop an email to Sam (smason AT xylemcci DOT com).

We’re doing more and more Flex work, which is cool and hopefully that turns into some sweet AIR apps too.

Honestly, I haven’t been this fulfilled in a long time, work wise at least :)

4 thoughts on “We’re still hiring

  1. John Wilker


    Yeah we're not having a great deal of luck either. Fingers crossed for both of us.

  2. Tony Fendall

    I wish you every success with your recruitment
    Where I work, we just can't find flex developers any more

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