Hate Leopard’s Stacks

1. Quit whining

2. This might make it a little easier on your eyes.

I actually have no problem with Stacks. Icons are a little cluttery, yes, but whatever, i know what I’m looking for, I know which stack is what, so what do I care if they look like a bad implementation of 52 pickup?

I will offer one criticism, Apple should have made them customizable. This solution, while looking really nice, is definitely in the ‘hack’ category simply because of how you have to trick Leopard into doing what you want.

That pic is my dock. The instructions on XD are great and easy to follow, since the originals are in Japanese. A word of warning, if you end up with blue "general" leopard folders, restart. I don’t know if that’s the norm, or what, but only 2 out of 6 immediately looked like the drawer, the others looked like regular stacks with a blue folder as the foremost icon. After I rebooted, all was good in the world.

I definitely like the visual appearance more. The stack is still a clutter of overlapped icons, but the drawer makes it look ‘contained’

6 thoughts on “Hate Leopard’s Stacks

  1. John Wilker


    I really dig the look, I didn't mind stacks in general, but this definitely gives if a cleaner look

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