Atlanta is cold in January!

Tom and I were in Atlanta this weekend doing our 1 month out onsite for 360|Flex. I’ve never been to Atlanta, so it’s always fun from the perspective of being in a new place.

We both Red-eyed it, which, well sucks. But From Denver to ATL, there aren’t a great many options. It actually worked out well though. I had some work to do, so getting to the airport, I was able to work, and waiting for Tom’s flight I wrapped up my work tickets.

From there we MARTA‘d to the CNN Center (I’d advise folks take this route, it’s super easy and cheap. 8 bucks for a roundtrip ticket. Take the train to "five points" then take the westbound, one stop to CNN Center. That’s it.

After checking in, we each caught some Z’s (not Zombies) then met up for lunch. We walked over to Stats, which is a really dope spot, we’re hoping to have our parties there, more later once we talk to them.

After lunch it was time to meet up with the events manager for the OMNI; go over our space, our requirements, A/V set up, etc.

From there we walked to the bank. BofA let’s you bank with your mobile, unless you’re us. It was freakin’ cold in ATL, even with my coat on I was freezing. Dinner at Ruth’s Chris, that helped warm me up.

Saturday morning Leif took us to the BlueBird for breakfast, showed us around RoundBox, gave us a bit of ATL history.

We spent the rest of the day strategizing, figuring out what we can do to make 360|Flex bigger, better, more efficient, slightly profitable, etc. Made a tonne of progress!

If you haven’t registered, you should, we’re really planning this to be WAY better than Seattle and San Jose. If you want to be the first to hear the release date for Flex 3 and AIR, you’ll want to be sitting in our keynote. :)

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