SmallWorlds Second life, but in Flex, and smaller

THE Ryan Stewart hooked me up with an invite to SmallWorlds, It’s pretty cool, I’m not sure how much I’ll use it, but I had fun setting up my pad, while I watched TV tonight.

It’s a pretty dope little app, and certainly a bitchin’ Flex app! I’m thoroughly impressed, good work guys!

I’ll make sure to book mark it and check in from time to time, I’m interested to find out what the model is behind it, what’s the point? What’s the monetary strategy? I’m guessing it’ll be like SecondLife and in order to get spending money you’ll have to put money in, or make it somehow?

Wonder if they’ll make an AIR version? A direct SecondLife competitor?

4 thoughts on “SmallWorlds Second life, but in Flex, and smaller

  1. Baraga Post author

    I heard it about this already I believe it.In Asia many people play this because there is lot of money in him.

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