Long time no post

The other day my wife IM’ed me, “Your blog is broken or something.” turns out, when you don’t post in like 2 months, it has nothing to show.

It’s been a busy few months; Tom and I wrapped up 360|Flex Europe, and immediately dove into 360|Flex San Jose 2008. After Milan, my wife and I spent an extra week in Italy, hitting Venice, Florence and Rome.

I got home, started a project with Esria, attended Software 2008, and now am finally enjoying being home.

My project is one challenge after another, but I’m learning a great deal, so it’s almost worth it :)

Software 2008 was an experiment to see how I worked with a potential client (free trip to Vegas, can’t complain) so that might bear fruit.

I was also in San Jose for a day last week, get this. Denver -> Vegas, vegas -> San Jose in the AM,  San Jose ->Vegas in the afternoon, Vegas -> Denver in the evening. That’s some seriously frakked up travel. On top of that, i worked all night the night before on my project, so I didn’t go to bed at all. w00t!

Aside of a trip to Japan, followed by another trip to San Jose (friend’s wedding) my traveling is mostly done for a bit, I love to travel, but these past few months have been killer!

Tom and I have some interesting things on the horizon too, interesting enough for me to want to accelerate time a smidge to see what happens. I’m not jynxing anything by saying what’s up, but I’ll say this, we’ll be at MAX in a bigger way than “attendee” or even “speaker” Should be really cool.

The other thing, well I don’t even know how to make a hint about so you’ll just have to wait, the same as me to find out. To quote that not very good Jim Carry movie, “How will it end?”