Please Fix the iPhone

This is awesome. It’s the iPhone version of that Adobe site where everyone posts their gripes about Adobe’s products. I can’t for the life of me remember the URL!!!

I posted one about not being able to click a phone number in a calendar entry. I hate that! I have a lot of conference calls, and have to write my bridge number down so I can dial it manually. My blackberry I could just go to the reminder, click the dial in number, and bam. If formatted like Number X conf code, it would dial the number, pause, then my code so I never had to know any of the numbers. GRRRR

At any rate, take a look. There’s some serious gems, like the Email app supporting iPhone rotation (duh), cut/paste, stuff like that. Of course there’s plenty of noise in there too, but that’s to be expected, there’s no barriers to submitting a wish.

4 thoughts on “Please Fix the iPhone

  1. jwilker Post author


    That's it!! Man such an easy name to recall and it was completely blocked!!

    Yeah I doubt Apple gives a flying fig what the customers think, so long as they know what Steve thinks.

  2. Rob

    I hate that every time I type something like "be there in 10 mins" on my iphone it magically corrects it to "be there in 10 mind". wtf?!?

  3. jwilker Post author


    yeah I hate that I have to proof read. Especially with slang or word shortening. I wish the dictionary could be edited, added to

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