My Kingdom for a calendaring solution!!

I can’t be the only person in this situation.

I’ve got an iPhone, googleCalendar, and iCal/MobileMe.ANd a headache the size of Denver, maybe Los Angeles. The easy solution between iCal and gCal, is easy now that gCal supports calDav. However mobileMe doesn’t sync calDav calendars, so my iPhone has no calendars.

I’ve been using busySync, but that requires me to run it on a machine, which is ok, but then the failure point is that machine, and if I’m traveling with a different machine, well unless I leave it running, no sync-y. That’s a no go.

I found an Applescript, that comes pretty close. It takes my calDav calendar and copies it to “John Wilker iPhone”. Two problems; 1. it doesn’t sync recurring events, and, 2. it doesn’t allow me to add events to my iPhone cal, to be copied back, it’s a one way deal. So that’s kinda whack. But that could be livable.
I won’t even go into Entourage (EffectiveUI‘s calendaring). I’m resigned to manually copying my work appts over. So Be it.

So what’s everyone else doing? Surely I can’t be alone! What’s everyone using to make gCal and an iPhone talk? Why does it suck so bad!?

Help me please!

18 thoughts on “My Kingdom for a calendaring solution!!

  1. Jeffry Houser

    I use a day timer. It is easily portable, and can have as much detail as I need.
    It is not diital, of course, but I have yet to find a digital solution that works better.

  2. jwilker Post author

    @Jeff, my problem is sharing. Tom and Nicole both have to have access to my calendar. Plus it's 2008, I can't use that much paper! LOL

  3. jwilker Post author

    @Toby, so I'd end up with another Calendar? Or this removes iCal from the equation, and I use this nuevaSync exchange calendar instead?

  4. TJ Downes

    Im using Exchange, it syncs with everything i need it to. I work with a lot of event and calendaring apps and a huge consideration for me has been to build a sync gateway between all the mainstream calendaring. Maybe sometime after I finish my current project I'll get the chance to address this.

  5. quetwo

    I know its not the direction that you are going, but Exchange has a really, really good calendaring solution. I've seen very few that match it. Everything syncs with it, everything can read it, and the sharing/permissions system just works. I would say it's about the best designed system Microsoft has come up with… Its what iCal is supposed to do, but dosen't.

    Now that being said, at home I use SmarterMail. It comes with my hosted domain, and emulates Exchange. I've also used Zimbra's calendaring solution which works great too. gCal was pretty much useless to me — it was such a pain to work with if you were working with any non-google apps. I've syced all of those apps with my Blackberry and local desktop, and viewed them remotely when I was away from home.

  6. jwilker Post author

    @TJ yeah exchange isn't really a solution for me, since I have no access to one on my own. EUI has one I connect to for mail. but I'm not comfortable having 360Conferences stuff on their exchange box. I'm looking at NuevaSync per @Toby's suggestion, but the iPhone only allows 1 exchange sync, and that's EUI already so that's a no go unless I feed my EUI mail in some other way.

    @quetwo, I'm not opposed to exchange, but don't have one readilly available.

    I'm really annoyed that Apple hasn't made this easier. In this instance, I miss my crackberry. Google support, bam baked in, easy to set up and done. Talk about annoying.

  7. jwilker Post author

    So. NuevaSync, plus using calDav for gCal to iCal. seems to work. I can see my google info in iCal and interact with it. I can CRUD on the iPhone and it's reflected in iCal and gCal. So far so good. I did have to turn off my EUI exchange support, so now I need to feed that into gmail or something so I can still do work stuff. Bummer the iPhone only supports one exchange server sync set up.

  8. jwilker Post author

    @toby, Yeah that's kind of frustrating. Another odity I've found. I have access in gCal to two other calendars. via nueavaSync, they all show up as my single calenard. Odd, not sure I like that.

  9. toby

    unfortunately, other calendars subscribed to in gCal aren't even viewable, let alone editable. I don't see why an exchange account needs to remove the availability of a normal iCal sync…

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