Ok V looks bad ass!

I mentioned this a LOOOOONNG time ago, and am thrilled it’s actually coming.
I gotta say the cast of characters looks good too, though I recognize very few of them, so I’m guessing they’re not staying with the canon from the original show, kind of a bummer, since Donovan was bad ass for a photo journalist!

7 thoughts on “Ok V looks bad ass!

  1. John Wilker Post author

    LOL. Yeah it was. Wondering if they're leaving the "we eat humans" aspect, or just going "make humans extinct"

    Hope it's not star trek-tified too much. Alternate reality? The motherships looked better in the first. These look odd somehow.

  2. Rich Rodecker

    nice, that does look good! I hope they do keep the eating humans part…and rats.

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  4. Tim

    A few good reasons why I'll watch this:

    1. Made by the guy who created "The 4400," which I loved.

    2. Elizabeth Mitchell. Sure, I'll miss her on "Lost," but this is a bigger role for her and she looks awesome in this. Especially the end scene.

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