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We did! I really do mean ‘we’. I couldn’t have gotten the votes with out everyone’s support. It means a lot to me! To Nicole and to the company!

The process isn’t super clear, but we’re now officially in the running. Step one, get 250 votes. By The Way, you can still vote, i don’t honestly know what it means to get more than 250, but safe to assume it reflects well on us, so by all means if you haven’t voted, or haven’t shared, I wouldn’t be mad if you did.

Step 2 starts mid November. The “panel Deliberation” phase. Not sure they contact those in the running or just review the applications and decide. That step lasts until January, then they announce the 12 winners.


Thank you to everyone who voted. I have no idea what our chances are, but just getting the votes was a big hurdle, and we appreciate it. Fingers crossed 2014 is a HUGE year for 360|Conferences.

I hate asking for things, but

I need your help. Chase has a community grant program and to be in the running, you need to get 250 votes. I’m almost there, Just 60 more votes needed.

Once I get the votes, I’m at least in the running to get a grant from Chase for 360|Conferences. Why do I want it?

Well I want to grow my company. I want to do more events, explore more communities that would benefit from a dev conference focused on them, vs. selling a roadmap, or worse a product or service.

I want to be able to buy gear that will let me do my events in more places and not spend a ton of money on costly AV rental.

I want to be able to give to more causes I love (appcamp4girls, iOSDevCamp, Appsterdam, and Ada Academy, more!)

I want to be able to be more active in Denver’s entrepreneurial scene, by being able to support more things like Refresh Denver, Denver Founders Network, Denver Cocoaheads, and more.

It’ll only take a minute, please help me out and vote. THANKS!

So Yeah, Denwhere?

I neglect my personal blog way too much. There I said it judge away.. That said I’m still not signing up for Tumblr.

Ok anyway on to why I sat down to write this post. Denwhere?

360|Conferences brings me a lot of joy, it let’s me work on lots of things, and give a lot of my time to Denver. Out of that has come Denwhere? (Yes there’s a ? at the end, it’s a joke on a joke, and really does make for a cool name). I started Denwhere? as nothing more than a website with a google calendar as a way to provide a single place for events in and around Denver to be listed on a master calendar. It went pretty well, then I stopped updating it.

Recently though, it’s begun an evolution from one trick pony website (admittedly, with a bum leg), to an organization. An organization that is a non-profit. An organization that has taken over running Ignite Denver. An organization with lofty goals, and a means to actually meet them. An organization I’m prouder than shit to be a part of.

Denwhere? has one main goal; foster, encourage and support events in Denver that hit on any combination of these three tenets. Community, Entrepreneurship, and Education.

To that end, we’ve got a lot of things in the works, obviously growing and making Ignite Denver even more awesome, is one. A Festival of Books and Epic Farmers Market are two more. Both likely in the summer/fall of 2014.

This year we’re organizing Denver NodeBotsDay, and the Law Hackathon. Both coming up fast! Both FREE

We’re also helping make the Denver Bee even more epic (I know ‘epic’ is played out, but it really does sound good), which is a tall order, I admit, but still.

Denwhere? is still very much in it’s infancy, but we’ve got big plans. We’ve also got room for more voices at the table. Whether you want to volunteer at an event, help organize one, have an idea for an event you’d like to run past us, or just want to say hi. Drop us a line.

Denwhere? isn’t exclusive, elitist, or closed to new people or ideas.

Two things I’m very proud of

The other day I had the opportunity to take part in something super awesome. I’m almost embarrassed it took me this long to get involved.


House of Genius, is to be blunt, awesome. I had the opportunity to present at the last gathering/meeting/whatever it’s called. I like Assemblage of awesome myself.

Anyhow, the basic idea is a small group of people, all anonymous beyond just a first name. Those selected to present their idea have 5 minutes to present it. There’s some Q&A, then some “Sit and listen to what we say without responding” and at the end of the presentations, (usually only 2-3 I think) there’s the “reveal” where everyone introduces themselves; who they are, what they do, etc.

It’s really awesome. I presented something I’m working on and got tons of feedback and introductions. It was very valuable. If they’ll have me, I’ll be happy to be back, it was that awesome of an experience.


vis_1The other thing I’m currently really proud of is 360|intersect. It’s an event I’m organizing that’s 100% different than I’ve ever done before. It’s not a technical event, not a hackathon, or summit. They easiest way to describe it, is TED minus the Douche baggery. It’s a group of awesome speakers, from across the events I’ve done and beyond, talking about what they’re passionate about, what makes them awesome technologists.

It’s coming up the end of this month, if you’re in Seattle or just want to spend a weekend being inspired, riding WWII Amphibious vehicles and nerding out with folks from all different technical circles, use “johnsblog” to save 20% when you register.

I can’t wait. Seattle is awesome in the spring, I’ve got lots of friends there, and we’ll be right downtown at an awesome venue, nerding out indoors and out.


Hope you can make it! It’s gonna be fun.

Denver Startup Week 2013


It’s Back! If you missed last years Startup week, make sure you’re paying attention this year!

It’s gonna be bigger and better (My Prediction).

I’m really excited about it, and hope to be even more involved than I was last year. I really want Denver to be a big player in the startup space. At least personally I want to help get boot strapped startups more love. I know VC makes the world go ’round, but think it’s important, especially in a city like Denver, that we make sure to highlight and give love to the boot strappers out there (of which I’m one).

You can sign up to be on the mailing list right now. Organization is just starting so if you’re interested in helping out or being involved in some way, get on the mailing list.


Denver Startup Week

Denver’s First ever Startup Week is almost here. In fact it’s the week of October 22nd. ¬†If this is news to you, I’m glad I caught you with enough time to do something.

There’s a lot on the schedule for the week, and more, much more being added.

I want to highlight the things I’m most excited about. You definitely need to check out the full schedule though, because there’s tons of stuff going on all across town during the day.

  1. The opening kick off Lunch. None other than Gary¬†Vaynerchuk is helping to kick off the week. The Lunch is free, if you can make it, go sign up. It’s gonna be a great way to see how truly behind startups and entrepreneurship the city of Denver is.
  2. Tuesday night is the Startup Job Faire and Denver Founders Network, “Bootstrap vs. funding” throw down.
  3. Ignite Denver (spark submission still open!) is that Wednesday, the 24th. We’re holding it at the Oriental Theatre, and doors open at 6. Thanks to Startup Week, admission is free, and everyone gets one free drink ticket when they walk in. It’s gonna be an awesome ignite.
  4. Friday has two cool things going for it. Ok three. One, it’s Friday. Two, while not on the schedule, there’s a “resource Faire” planned for the afternoon at Wynkoop brewing. Folks that offer services to startups, will be able to be under one roof meeting everyone. Three, the “Celebration of Startups” finale event.

That’s 4 things out of more than 60 that are planned for the week. There’s also awesome stuff the weekend before like Startup Weekend, and before that Lean Startup Machine. Both are taking place at Uncubed Coworking :)


If you’re in a startup, thinking about starting something up, or just want to learn more about what Denver has to offer in a startup community, that’s the week to be here!

If you happen to be coming from out of town, you’re welcome at Uncubed, so you can stay connected and get work done. Free coworking all week

See ya there

My First Barcamp

So I’ve been making noise on the 360|Stack twitter account and wanted to mention here too. Since Adobe canceled MAX this year I’m trying a barcamp called 360|MIN. We normally do an unconference inside Adobe MAX called 360|MAX, this is a play on that concept.

Unlike 360|MAX which can’t be a true unconference/barcamp, 360|MIN can be just that. Folks will gather pitch topics they want to present and the audience will vote. Those in attendance will create the conference they want.

To make sure we’ve got the tone and vibe right I’ve got a few folks lined up as basically anchor speakers. Check out the details and the line up here. If you’re in the web stack space, this is how you should spend your October! Oh yeah and it’s in Las Vegas!