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360Coldfusion, very interesting

Tom and I thought about doing a CF conference, after I think 360|Flex Seattle. The reason we never went forward with the ideas was CFUnited and CF.Objective().

I’ve thougt CFUnited was over priced and didn’t really offer enough to be worth the price, since I attended in 2005. I’ve never attended CF.Objective(), since by the time it got started up, I was moving into Flex development, but since it bills itself as the Enterprise CF Conference, I found it odd that it was dribbling extra technologies, moving away from CF.

All that said, we thought the CF Community was happy with it’s options. I think we might have been wrong. We got a DM the other day, “any chance we can see 360|ColdFusion?  the existing conferences are a big bag of suck”

To make sure that wasn’t a single sentiment we through out a simple survey, which is still open, but as of the writing of this 86% those who’ve responded would like to see a 360|CF event.

I think a 360|CF would be hella fun! I love CF, and when the need arises for back end stuff for 360Conferences, it’s CF. Tom and I met each other as CF Developers at Ameriquest Mortgage, and we definitely still love the technology.

We’re not rushing into anything, ’09 has seen us add 360|iDev, to our line up, but if the community is interested in a 360|CF, we’d love to get involved!

I wonder if the CF Community would know what to do with a conference that was 3-4 days, and cost drastically less than the alternatives… mmmm.

Flex Project… Go!!

I was talking to a friend and he was saying he’s starting a flex project of his own. Get a more concrete grasp on the technology. Makes sense to me. While I wait for Roundpeg to land some Flex work I can do I figure I should experiment on my own.

So starting next week I will be devoting as much free time as I can to “flex-ifying” my Time Management Console app. This app is a CF app I wrote to track my time, and manage my invoicing. Seems like a good candidate for a Rich Internet App.

I’m also in the process of Scripting the Database (should be done by Monday) so that I can make that available for download should anybody be interested. In the meantime, I’ve made some minor improvements to the code, added some MX functionality and gotten jiggy with the CFdocument tag. More to come but if you’re interested here’s a link to the zip.

Zip proximity search

Gotta love the internet and the fates, those sly greek chicas.

A few days ago I came across some one’s blog posting about his articles in the Oct CFDJ. I can’t remember where I saw that, but I did download the PDF version. I didn’t read it at that time, but I scanned the cover.

Jump a few hours into the day, one of my clients is talking about an unscoped feature on the site I’m building for him. A search based on zip code proximity, didn’t I just see that somewhere? I did, the Oct CFDJ had an article by Troy Pullis on his implementation of a proximity search.

I read his article and he points to his source of inspiration, an article on webmonkey by none other than my new Pal Rob Capili. I met Rob at Flex training a few weeks ago. I had him send me his code (I couldn’t get webmonkey to load for whatever reason) and away I went. Thanks to his code and article, and Troy’s article in the CFDJ, my un-spec’ed search page was done in an hour or so, including my 5$ zipcode database.

Gotta love the CF Community.


I’ve never been a big fan of CSS. No real reason, it just seemed like such a PITA. And it is really, let’s be honest.


I’m working on a site for a client and they want it mostly CSS. More search engine friendly and all. I know enough CSS to fill a shot glass. Prefer other things in my shot glasses, but my CSS knowledge will if needed fit there.

My buddy Tom used one of our co-workers’ books on CSS, and said it had helped him with his immediate need. So.. off to the local B&N I went.

The local B&N actually has a really good section for computer books, I was impressed, and had I not been in a hurry to get back to the house and get working, I woulda stuck around a while.Seeing as I was at a book store I couldn’t come away with just one book, especially if the one ended up not be the one I need. So I picked up the O’Reilly offering on CSS as well. They tend to be pretty good books.

I am well on my way to really digging CSS. It certainly takes some getting used to but it sure is nice once you get going. This site I’m working on is pretty easy to tweak when I need to change a color or nudge something to the left. I’ve really been missing out.

Search Engine Friendliness

A client of my client recently had me make their site Search Engine friendly. Was quite an interesting project. I had never really looked into SEO, and SES stuff before. Gave me a chance to get a little insight into how the search engines work in relation to dynamic sites.

We used <cf_fake_url> to accomplish the ses conversion. It actually made the transition quite easy. A few pages required some tweaking with how they pass variables but otherwise it was a simple matter of changing all <A href> tags to use page.cfm/var/value/var/value. Worked rather well I must say.


Stumbled across this on the listservs. CF_AJAX (or CFAJAX) brings the coolness and buzzwordiness of AJAX (think Googlemaps, Gmail) to CF. I haven’t explored much yet, been pretty busy with work that pays money :) but I’m thinking AJAX wouls be a cool addition to my TIme and billing app. It looks pretty damn cool. THere are some simple examples on the site and another CF Developer provided a great resource on the return types from CF_AJAX. functionality.

Stay tuned. I’ll try to post some of my AJAX attempts.