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Thoughts on my first days with Effective UI

Sitting here midway through day two, i gotta say, EUI (I had UM, there, oops, was talking about them, guess the initials stuck in my brain. UM is certainly a cool group too, but not my employer, LOL) is a pretty damn cool place. Coming in to say hi to the crew i already knew I never got a feel for the rest of the company. Dealing with Marketing for 360|Flex I knew them already through emails. Now they’re my colleagues.

The first thing that truly struck me is the size of EUI. I’ve known these guys for over a year now, and always thought of them in terms of the people I initially met, so EUI was always Andy, Tony, Drew, Brook, Anthony. Then Juan came along and made it all a happy family. Then I started dealing with Rebecca and Catherine, as they haranged Tom and I for a decision on who’s been approved as a speaker for our latest 360|Flex.

That’s barely a 10th of the EUI crew! There’s arond 70ish folks here, doing some really cool things!

I’m in the process of finding out what I can talk about and such, which sadly isn’t everything! Some things are under strict embargo (WEAK) on talking about them. What ya gonna do?

As I sit in on meetings and breifings and such here, meeting my new colleagues, I’m getting more and more excited to bring what we’re doing to the forefront more. You thought Ebay desktop rocked? You ain’t seen nothing!

My next new adventure begins

This week, at 360|Flex I accepted a job. Not just any job, what I believe will be THE job. No Tom and I aren’t quitting our day jobs to do 360|Flex, in all likely hood, that ain’t gonna happen for a long while, if ever, who knows.

Rather, I’ve accept a job at as Community Evangelist.

I’m really stoked! It’s something I’ve been looking at for a while now, as possibly my next step in my career evolution. I love writing code and don’t see that stopping really, though it will no doubt lessen, and be more along the lines of demos and POCs, etc. I’m really excited about this opportunity! I came up with what I felt was a good job description, and EUI, agreed, and we all shook hands, then Andy hugged me, then the rest lined up and hugged me.. kinda weird but hey, you know I might get used to it ;)

I’ll be helping take some of the pressure off the team to be at events, blogging, etc (thought they’ll certainly continue to blog and speak, etc, since they’re more interesting than me.) and to help be a public figure for EUI, in the twittersphere, blogosphere, real life-o-sphere, etc :)

I’ll be making sure the cool things that EUI is working on, are out there and being seen, since they (we, I guess now, LOL) are doing some really cool stuff that the rest of the world and Flex-dev-o-sphere should know about.

Wish me luck! See you at 360|MAX

I’ll also be offering my community building expertise (that sounds showy, I don’t think it’s the right word) to clients as they role out applications, and such.

Wait, what about 360|Flex?

If you’re wondering how this might impact 360|Flex, it doesn’t. EUI made it clear when we were talking, that they didn’t want anything special on that front, they’d earn and pay for sponsorships like any other company. Speakers will still be picked on the merits of their topic, same as always. Which is good since I had no intention of providing special treatment, or preference for speakers. I’m really proud and happy that they brought it up first, that says a lot to me, and certainly eliminates one potentially awkward employer/employee moment, LOL.

360|Conferences, inc. is a separate entity, run by Tom and myself and short of being purchased outright, it’ll remain independent and objective regarding sponsors and speakers. So for anyone worrying about that, don’t 360|Flex ain’t changing, well it actually is, all the time, but not in that bad, schilly kind of way. :)

I will say it’s great to have an employer that is actually even remotely interested in 360|Flex. I’m thrilled to work for someone that appreciates the efforts and supports them!

I’ll be starting with EUI on 9/2