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Adobe!!! Stop making Acrobat useless with out Photoshop installed!

I already mentioned this type of lameness once! Thankfully this time it struck while I was at home with my CS3 disks.

I installed Photoshop before, so that I could launch Acrobat. I uninstalled Photoshop because on the MacBook Air, I don’t want to waste the space, and I don’t do any graphics stuff on this machine. All was well.

Until a day or so ago that is. Adobe Updater, my bestest friend ran. apparently something got flipped back to “false” or something, because now, I get my favorite dialog box again!

The only CS3 apps I have on the MBA, are Bridge (Don’t use it) and Device Central (Don’t use it). I tried Bridge, it ran, then I tried Acrobat, same error message. I tried Device Central and shocker, got the same error as Acrobat.

Why I need to have launched Photoshop first or (I assume) Fireworks, or Illustrator, just to manipulate PDFs is beyond me. Just turn off whatever functionality those impart, OFF. Tell me if I want those functions, I need to load Photoshop first. Why make the whole app close down? How does that make sense? It certainly makes for a crappy User Experience, since now I have to break out my 9 DVD collection, install photoshop, load it, close it, make sure Acrobat is pleased, then uninstall. WHACK!!!!

Acrobat pro, I hate you and I think we’re breaking up

I never need Acrobat pro. I use preview on the Mac for my basic PDF reading, it’s lighter, so it’s a no-brainer.


today I had to review 20 PDFs, and make notes on them and even put some text in them so that I could send them off for review.

After suffering through so many stupid Adobe Updater times, when it brings my machine to a screaching high temp halt, Acrobat pro is broke.


I click a PDF to open in Acrobat and get this…

I’ve done nothing to or in acrobat, ever.

It’s been updated plenty since I installed CS3, about every three weeks it seems, i have to go make a sandwhich while the stupid updater runs.

And after all that suffering, after giving up productive cycles…. I get this…

Weak sauce!!!!

Of course I get it while I’m in San Francisco for the week, so I don’t have my install DVDs..