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I helped Adobe quash bugs

ok well actually I didn’t as I didn’t even have Flex builder open. I did however act as host for a few other folks to get together at the EUI office to help Adobe Quash Bugs.

This past weekend, a few folks who’d never met got together at the EUI office for some good ol’ fashioned nerd fun. Adobe Seattle held a bug quash, and allowed developers all over the world to help out.

I freely admit I’m not a bug quash level developer, but I am good at hanging out with people I don’t know and (i hope) creating a fun non-sucky environment.

We hung out from 11a – 5p drinking soda, eating pizza (Ordered with Dominoes really cool pizza RIA).

We actually did cause two bugs to be closed, though not through actual code writing. But hey, there’s two less bugs in the bug base because of the efforts of the Denver Bug Quash crew, and me (I mean I bought the pizza and soda)

over all it was fun. I hope Adobe does more of these events. It’s funny to me to see events now from the frame of mind of someone who does events, cuz the bug quash was an example of barely controlled chaos most of the first 3-4 hours. That should be smoother by bug quash 2, assuming there is one, but still, its funny to see non event people do events.

Denver Come quash Flex SDK Bugs!

EffectiveUI is hosting a group of people to get together and quash bugs with Adobe. Adobe is hosting the official effort in Seattle, and opening a connect room for developers all over to participate!

When you register make sure to sign up on the Bug Quash site to get the instructions on setting your computer up for SDK Development.

The bug quash is the 28th of this month! Starting at 10a and going to 5pm. You can RSVP here (it’s free)

Tom and I are buying pizza and soda to keep everyone caffenated and fueled up.

It’s gonna be fun, if you’re in Denver this coming Saturday, come hang out with some incredibly talented developers and help make the Flex SDK even better for all of us. Even if you don’t think you’re a bug quasher, come and hang out with us, and absorb some awesome info. You never know what you can contribute!

How to ruin a brand and influence people

Name means a lot, especially when it’s been around a while. Changing a name can be a big deal.

Look at Fedex and their purchase of Kinkos. Which they’re apparently planning to rename to Fedex Office. This bloomberg article talks about the change, I haven’t seen the change yet, hopefully Fedex realized the gigantic mistake it would be to kill the enormously recognizable Kinkos name. I think they’d fair better ditching the Fedex Name. If they’re looking to capture mindshare in the kinko’s crowd.

On a smaller scale but equally disastrous, Adobe is extending their brand confusion to their community. A little history: Adobe created Flex Camps a while back, as one day events for Flex developers to come together to learn and network. Topics ranged from beginner to advanced, and were generally well received. There have been Flex Camps all over the world.

At MAX adobe decided that the community was confused about Flash, Flex, the platform and everything.

I think the confusion is Adobe’s. No one I’ve met is confused about what Flex is or what Flash is.

It’s unclear where Adobe is going, but the first victim of this internal name changing, confusion, mayhem is the Flex Camps, now called Flash Camps, lame. No matter what Adobe thinks or wants. Flash is not Flex is not Flash.

Flash is the swf movie. Flash is the IDE Flash devs and designers use.

Lee has a post rationalizing why we’re all Flash Developers, but taking his arguments to their more natural conclusion, aren’t we all web developers? I mean our code is run on the web (except AIR, but hey), so why not be web developers? Of course that doesn’t work Adobe wise, since “web” isn’t an Adobe product.

Flex has a name though. So does Flash. Why waste all that Brand? Flash is known for things, things that make sense to Flash, and fit well. Flex has a similar following and brand recognition, and most Flex developers, don’t want to be Flash developers, any more than a Flash Developer would want to be called a Flex developer.

I dunno, just my .02, what do you think? How far will it go? Flash Builder? Tour De Flash? Flash Platform Data Services?

What a stupid AIR problem to have

Lately I’ve become very fond of the expression “This is a stupid problem to have”, the other night I got to use it in relation to AIR.

I’m working on a tool to view (hopefully) live survey data for when we have booths at conferences. We’ve come up with a simply iPhone survey, and want to be able to see the data in, more or less, real time.

I’ve been working on it, largely at the office, checking the code into SVN when I’m going to work from home. At some point in the last few days, I ended up with Flex Builder 3.0.2. Probably my best friend Adobe Updater.

The other night, I wrapped up at the office, checked in all my code, went home, fired up Flex Builder. When I went to test the app, ADL fired up, then immediately vanished. weird. Tried a few more times, still no joy. Restarted Flex builder, restarted my Macbook, nothing. Checked to make sure my Flex Builder was up to date, it was.

After finally giving up, I check back at work, app runs. Then I check to see if that Flex Builder was up to date. It wasn’t, 3.0.1, so I updated. Ran the app. ADL vanishedright after launching.

I decided to run the app in debug, see if that revealed anything. It did sorta. The message was just about useless, something to the effect of “The app crapped out before the debugger could connect”

I say just about useless, since it was enough to lead me to Cameron’s blog, where he mentioned an error he had gotten. It wasn’t the same error, but since I had just moved from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2 and AIR 1.5 had recently been released, I figured I’d check it out. Sure enough in my app descriptor it was set to 1.1 for AIR.

Now I certainly don’t need Adobe to hold my hand, but really, maybe just a few more descriptive error messages, shoot I’d take a message that gave me a few possible causes that I could run down on my own.

Why make things harder than necessary? What a frustrating waste of a night, just because Flex Builder and ADL couldn’t suggest I check my app descriptor.

MAX 2008 Day 2!

Day to of MAX, is well, kinda like Empire Strikes Back, without the Luke screaming like a girl part. I’d say the General Session today however was very Revenge of the Jedi (yeah I’m old skool, look it up).

General Session

Adobe’s guys advertised day 2 as a must attend general session, which frankly, it usually ain’t. Not the case this time ’round. They really brought their A game, showing off the (finally) cool designer developer work flow that CS4 brings to the table. I was impressed, and had less of a vaporware feeling.

They also gave us a bunch of eye candy to drool over in our sleep for the next year; Alchemy, Bolt, Flash Catalyst, etc.. Very cool stuff!

I was especially keen to see Adobe finally giving the CF crowd an IDE. CFEclipse is great and all but, not fully tied in. Seeing what Bolt is capable of, WOW.

Alchemy, mmmm I dunno. Am I the only one who thinks that “Alchemy” is the old days term for the science of turning lead into gold? I mean really, is that the mental image we really want for a product? We’ll see. I’m not a gamer, and not a C head, so it didn’t do much for me.

Ryan will be able to try is ‘flexmagically’ contest again, I think it might be a bit more successful.

[flash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WscTEdqi65A w=425 h=344]

For the first time I was actually pretty jazzed about searchable SWF, that’s pretty cool, and might finally solve the niggling problem of SEO and Flash RIAs.

The last few minutes of the general session, were given to Ted Patrick to pimp the new groups.adobe.com, I’m not sold yet on the idea, since the previous incarnations weren’t that great, and I’m not sure how this effort will go, but we’ll see :)

The Day

When Tom and I do an event, day 3 tends to be box lunch, and only so so, since so many people fly home at various times through the day, usually starting just before lunch. The box lunch affords people to grab a meal and go. It’s weird that the Tuesday lunch, was box lunch. That certainly doesn’t bode well for the Wednesday lunch. Fingers crossed.

360|MAX had a great day! The crowds were way better, as word spread. Jun‘s prank app is absoultely, positively hilarious.

MAX ’08 Day 1 Recap

Looooooooong day.

I’m about to pass out, but wanted to get my thoughts on MAX ’08 day one down on paper.

For Tom and I, MAX San Francisco, started on Sunday. We ran some errands, put stickers on our fliers for 360|Flex Indy, and then headed over to Moscone for some socializing. We hit up the community leader mixer thing, which was awesome. Congrats to the team that organized it.

Monday morning we hit up MAX bright and early, setting up our 360|MAX Unconference area, which is a cool area.

[flash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnIGmMRQskM w=425 h=344]

Enter the Keynote. So, oddly enough the keynote didn’t start until 9:30 am, yet the doors opened at 7am. I found it a bit weird since breakfast was just sandwiches.

The keynote was good, I gotta admit, The pre show dude was AWESOME! (video above). Shantanu and Kevin are both great presenters I have to say. Kevin more so, he’s very casual, and seems to be pretty unflappable, even when things don’t go the right way.

The information in general was pretty much what you’d expect, “State of Flash” type stuff, blah blah. One cool thing was some future tech they demo’ed as strictly early labs internal, but really sweet! Screens that know what’s going on around them, even where they’re pointed. I’d post a video, but then it occured to me, it might not be fully “open to the public” I can’t imagine why, but ya never know. It was cool though!

OK, the rest of the day.

Tom and I were pretty much tethered to our unconference area, which went really well. Slow start, but I think we’ll start seeing more people as the word gets out more.

Our sessions were all kick ass, especially Mate and Degrafa, which really pulled folks in. Tuesday has a bunch more killer sessions!

The bummer is not being able to wander around as much as I’d like. MAX for me is walking around the halls, finding people to chat with. This time around, I gotta chat with those who come to us.

The general session for TUesday is supposed to be Gumbo, Thermo, and future goodness. We’ll see. I’ve got my Thermo and gumbo installed to play with.

360|Flex Indianapolis MAX discount!

Also for MAX attendees, make sure to swing by and see Tom or I. We’ve got 100 tickets to 360|Flex Indy, for only $100 each. That’s $150 or so off our lowest possible price. Available only during MAX, so there’s only two days left to get this price!

SF wrap up

Flex training was great. I have a much clearer understanding of the technology and different aspects of using it. Rob Rusher is a great teacher of this course.

Saw a few sites, we went to the Coit Tower one night. THe group from class was supposed to go out Salsa dancing with Rob, but I ended up having to work and Emily was tired. So Rob flew solo.

Nicole and I went up to Napa on Friday for some wine tasting. It was great. We picked up two cases from V.Sattui. Can’t wait for those to arrive.

We hit a few other places, Mumm was good, but not good enough. We did pick up a bottle of Brut from Chandon

We had sushi with one of Nicole’s friends and her husband. Great sushi place called Kirala in Berkeley.

Hung out with Ahmad one more time. Had a yummy dinner at Plouff, then walked to a champaigne bar for a drink. Had a good Port (Fonseca LBV 1999)

On our way to San Jose on Saturday we stopped at Mt. Tam, and walked around. Was incredible. very scenic.

Our last stop was the Winchester Mystery house. Highly recommend it! It’s very interesting. Lots of walking though, beware.