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Brightkite connects your iPhone with… everyone

I’ve been on the Brightkite iPhone app beta for a while now, and I gotta say it’s a damn cool app. Adam Flater introduced me to brightkite…. sheesh, a while ago. Since then I’ve met the team a few times and really enjoyed talking to them.

It’s finally available in the App Store. I’d paste the app store link but the store seems to be having some troubles. I was hoping to be the first to review it too, foiled!

If you need an invite let me know, I’ve got some.

The application makes checking in, posting notes and photos a breeze. The location aware services, even on a G1 iPhone, kick butt, they’re very accurate. I’ve heard that the 3G stuff is just plain awesome!

It’s also kinda cool that Brightkite is right up the street from me, that’s kinda neat to have such a cool start up so close. I still need to see the office, but will one of these days.

if you’re into location aware services, Brightkite is the app for you. There’s plenty of other apps, Loopt (i’ve used) is ok, but not the same. Brightkite is more like twitter, in that the community that has formed around is pretty tight and very friendly.

Check it out. Who knows, maybe Britney will join us and we can all see where she checks in (scary thought)

I’m internet famous!!

ok well Kinda!

The Brightkite iPhone app demo that made the rounds yesterday, boom tadow, I’m in it! :)

Techcrunch has a great write up.

Brightkite’s iPhone app, currently in private-ish (limited to 100 by Apple), is a truly great app, I can’t say more about it, but when it goes live, in the coming the months, it’s gonna be huge! It shows the value of not just the iPhone platform, making really cool and fun/easy to use applications, but also location aware applications.