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Flex Project… Go!!

I was talking to a friend and he was saying he’s starting a flex project of his own. Get a more concrete grasp on the technology. Makes sense to me. While I wait for Roundpeg to land some Flex work I can do I figure I should experiment on my own.

So starting next week I will be devoting as much free time as I can to “flex-ifying” my Time Management Console app. This app is a CF app I wrote to track my time, and manage my invoicing. Seems like a good candidate for a Rich Internet App.

I’m also in the process of Scripting the Database (should be done by Monday) so that I can make that available for download should anybody be interested. In the meantime, I’ve made some minor improvements to the code, added some MX functionality and gotten jiggy with the CFdocument tag. More to come but if you’re interested here’s a link to the zip.

Time Management & Invoicing

Long ago in a galaxy far, far away I worked on a project for an employer. They wanted some way for us developers (and eventually QA, and such) to track our time. The reason was two fold; see what we were spending our time on, and capitalize any new development in order to manage costs.

Well as resident CF Guru the application we needed fell to me. Not only was I the sole developer, I was the technical architect, before such titles existed. Long story short I came up with a pretty damn robust time tracking app, with lots of reporting features. When I left there and the company folded, I modified the application (which I somehow accidentally left on a CD) to be my time tracking and invoicing app for my consulting business. The time entries I made, were then translatable to an invoice that I could print or email. This was all CF5, so none of the cool new features we have today.

A badly planned HD wipe and restore left me with a copy of my app that was 5 months old a few years ago and I never came back to it, since I was a full time employee. Well I’m getting back into consulting again so I’ve resurected the app and am bringing it up to 2005.

Once I get it back to mostly stable I’ll start posting Zips of it for download by anyone interested. Screen shots are available over at my other site.