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Work With Smart People. Like @bmf and @lordbron

My friend Mike Lee was in town for 360|MacDev and we had a chance to chat a few times. We also chatted a lot when I was in Amsterdam, that’ll happen when you’re sleeping on someone’s couch :D

He’s been around the block; helped found companies, worked for Apple, and most recently starting an international movement called Appsterdam. He’s spoken at more events than I can count, thankfully that includes my events. Of all the speakers I’ve worked with, Mike raises the bar. He preps like no one’s business, and puts his heart and soul into the presentation. And he doesn’t repeat and recycle his talks. Each is a unique work that he puts a lot of energy into.

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My Thoughts on Adobe Abandoning Linux

So what.


I’m sure there’s lot’s of linux users out there, there’s also probably a lot of Pine users and Mac PPC owners, that doesn’t mean they matter.

Linux folks are used to adversity and being an undervalued minority, so really nothing is changing for them. If they want AIR, let ’em compile their own.


Sorry folks, sometimes you have to cut bait and move on.


Flex Project… Go!!

I was talking to a friend and he was saying he’s starting a flex project of his own. Get a more concrete grasp on the technology. Makes sense to me. While I wait for Roundpeg to land some Flex work I can do I figure I should experiment on my own.

So starting next week I will be devoting as much free time as I can to “flex-ifying” my Time Management Console app. This app is a CF app I wrote to track my time, and manage my invoicing. Seems like a good candidate for a Rich Internet App.

I’m also in the process of Scripting the Database (should be done by Monday) so that I can make that available for download should anybody be interested. In the meantime, I’ve made some minor improvements to the code, added some MX functionality and gotten jiggy with the CFdocument tag. More to come but if you’re interested here’s a link to the zip.

San Francisco, Day 3

Nicole and I are in SF this week. She’s working remotely, I’m attending som Flex training at Roundpeg.

We flew in saturday morning, drove from San Jose to SF. Not overly impressed with the lands between the two cities. We arrived in SF and worked on finding the hotel. I hate renting cars, but Hertz and their Neverlost, GPS set up are absolutely a must. Worth the 9.95 a day extra. The hotel is quite odd. It’s called the “Club Quarters” I’m guessing it’s primary business is the business traveler, not tourists. For one thing, it’s members only (thankfully, Travelocity is a member so now, so are we.), and the rooms are perfect for a single business person. Nothing more. Small is an understatement, there’s a bed (queen thankfully), a small desk, a TV (on the wall so as not to waste floor space) and a small bathroom with stand up shower. I guess business people don’t luxuriate in bath tubs.

The niceties though are many. Wifi and LAN in the rooms. Wifi in a central lounge type place, with cushy couches and chairs, a TV and a few computer stations. The bar next door (and connected to) offers free wifi as well, and next door to that is a starbucks, with the aforementioned sucky Tmobile Hotspot. There’s also a small sundeck on the top floor.

We met up with my high school buddy, Ahmad on Saturday night. He proceeded to treat us to some damn fine sushi and get me completely shit faced on Saki bombs. Then we went to a bar and continued to do bad things.

Sadly Saturday night’s fun, ruined most of Sunday.