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Ok V looks bad ass!

I mentioned this a LOOOOONNG time ago, and am thrilled it’s actually coming.
I gotta say the cast of characters looks good too, though I recognize very few of them, so I’m guessing they’re not staying with the canon from the original show, kind of a bummer, since Donovan was bad ass for a photo journalist!

V coming back! Watch out white mice and guinea pigs!

I read V: The Second Generation, when it came out in paperback, and it defintiely captured the story of the Visitors and the Resistance. It should it, it was written by the original creator of the series.

Turns out ABC is prepping a remake.. Sadly not a sequel, so we’ll never know how the original story continued, but we’ll see the story unfold in a more modern times view.

Hopefully it makes it to the small screen, I’d watch it!