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That’s a lot of session recordings

So, around the middle of the year, or so I decided to put conference session recordings on Vimeo. Up until then I’d been keeping them on Amazon and selling them through Fastspring, occasionally making one free on the conference website. I decided after 360|intersect 2013 that I wanted to simply make the session recordings free. Selling them wasn’t bringing in gobs of money so I wasn’t losing much revenue by going free, but I was keeping the number of people who saw the videos low, and I think it’s just better for the community and the conferences to share such awesome content with anyone that wants it.

This data is as of 12/6 but i think I was right in my decision.

Screenshot 2013-12-06 15.41.37


That’s for less than 70 (69 to be precise) videos across 3 events.

The geographic distribution isn’t too bad either.

Screenshot 2013-12-06 15.44.40


I’m really happy with this data, I think it shows that the conferences make for great content that people enjoy watching. Monetizing is of course important and it’s tough to link a video play to a conference ticket purchase, but web traffic is definitely increased, so anecdotally it’s positive. More visitors, should equal more ticket sales. I hope to be able to drill down into more data and create a stronger link.

I’m always working to increase and improve the data I can collect and analyze to help me make decisions, but if nothing else, these numbers make me smile that content I helped bring into the world is being enjoyed by folks. (and liked by a whole 113 people!)

I can’t wait to add 2014’s conference recordings!

This is sobering

Dave twittered this, and all I can say is wow. Some of the stats I had heard/seen at defrag last year, but the rest, were, well, wow.

It’s incredible that we’re producing so much data now, that we can’t even consume it all. What’s really sad, clearly america is losing.

I’m anti breeding like bunnies, but sadly most other countries aren’t. On top of that, they’re making smarter babies than we are. I mean, what’s the value proposition of a 4 year college, when what you start learning is worthless when you graduate? Other than being $100k in debt of course. We either need to make college relevant, or stop pushing it on kids. Sure you learn how to learn, but WTF, any moron can figure that out, ask an entrepreneur. Everyone I meet that’s pro college education, uses “learn to learn” as a main reason, for $100k, I really hope there’s more to it.

I freely admit, i’m a college drop out, I was a CS Major for 2 years

Hopefully the president get’s a link to this video on his super secure, NSA crackberry and watches it.