The Space Rogues Series

Wil and the crew of the Ghost are a lot of things: smugglers, privateers, sometimes pirates, always heroes. These are their stories. Stories of adventures, monsters, bad guys and, as the crew calls them, Earthisms.


WIP Thursday – This is Awkward

Somewhere in the first half of the adventure I’m really enjoying this new series. It started as a “I gotta…

Support Indie Bookstores

I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t buy paper books any more. I love paper books. I used to…

WIP Tuesday “Make New Friends

Jackson “Jax” Caruso doesn’t have many human friends. He certainly doesn’t welcome just anyone into his circle. Jax took a…

Feeling Scammed by Apple

So I mentioned trading in my MacBook Air as part of my Mac Mini purchase. When the Mini arrived, I…

Meet the Osprey

I’ve been working on the first book in a new series. If you love Wil and the crew of the…

WIP Thursday 6/4 – Machete!

For those that have been reading the Space Rogues series, you know meals/food are important. The crew of the Ghost…

I don’t own a laptop anymore

For the first time in twenty-odd years, I don’t own a laptop. This past weekend, I fedex’ed my MacBook Air…

Welcome Expedition Inc. to the Family

I’ve alluded to it in my newsletter, and I’ve started setting up the back end stuff (Like the Newsletter link…

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