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For fans of rip-roaring romps across the galaxy!

I currently have three series for you to choose from. Two Science Fiction, and one Action/Adventure thriller.

My Space Rogues and Grand Human Empire series’ are space operas in the funnest sense. Buck Rogers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Firefly, and Farscape are all inspirations for these stories.

My Expedition Inc. series is a bit more grounded in the now and gets my love of adventure onto the page. The idea of adventurers for hire has always appealed to me. What an exciting life that would be!


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Praise for My Writing

A Great Read

This book is more character based than more space operas. The humans are flawed and relatable and the droids have a killer sense of humor.


They swear too much, but I keep reading

Jeff's Mom

Great (Big Ship, Lots of Guns)

Love this series


Love It

If you like Firefly with a bit of Star Wars these are the books for u.

Jason Masters

Space Rogues 1 through 6

I love these books. There’s something for everyone, from grungy Bennie the ingenious hacker, to Wil,  the displaced human in space. What I wouldn’t give to be aboard the Ghost.

Great Read!

Always entertaining. The crew of the Ghost doesn’t disappoint. I love the pokes at ‘Human’ culture. It is fun to follow the quirks of the different chracters.

Kurt L.

Great Start

Nothing like good space opera to pass the time. This has a good plot and I’ll definitely have to read more of the series.

Paul F.

Best One Yet!

As usual, Mr. Wilker has written another in the Space Rogues series. The one has a bit more action. I’ve now read 7, and I just purchased the 8th and 9th.

Keith Gosnell

Space Rogues 9

I have thoroughly enjoyed the entire series so far. Fast-paced and fun. Definitely recommended.

Brian Gorman

It Left Me Wanting More.

I recommend this book to space opera fans. I like the characters and their introductory development. The plot kept me reading start to finish in one sitting.

Amazon Customer

Good Story

I enjoyed this. It was a refreshing change from many sci-fi stories. I plan to pick up book 2 as soon as I can.

Micky Conard

Kept My Interest to the Very End!

This book kept my interest to the very end and I am a very picky and fickle reader. Now I’m off to read the second book in the series.


Fantastic Story (Big Ship, Lots of Guns)

Really enjoyed reading this installment in this great series of books. Fast-paced with plenty of action and plot twists.


An Extremely Exciting, Vastly satisfying Story that I at 70 Years Highly Recommend

Liked Everything, enjoyed all, you will too! I am 70 years old and very happy to have had the opportunity and pleasure of reading this thrilling story! Thank you, I am completely satisfied as I know you will be! Can’t wait for the next one! Enjoy!

Gregory B.

It honestly was not what I was expecting. The characters were hilarious and I actually laughed out loud a couple of times. Most “space operas” take themselves too seriously. This one definitely did not.


Space Rogues is Fabulous

I have enjoyed the whole series. Having read the first for free I then bought all the rest and look forward to the next adventure.

Jane Steinback

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