Hi, I’m John Wilker. I write Science Fiction

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About me

I'm an avid reader. I published my first Science Fiction novel, 'Space Rogues.' in 2017 and will be publishing the sequel in the Spring of 2018

I couldn't do what I do without my awesome wife Nicole

I love bringing bringing people together through events and conferences. When you get a group of folks together in a room, there's no telling what kind of awesome results you'll get.

Space Rogues: The Epic Adventures of Wil Calder, Space Smuggler

You can read a sample (chapter 1) here. Wil Calder is an astronaut when his experimental spacecraft breaks down near Neptune. What a crappy way to go, don’t you think? Alone in the deep dark of space. Except that’s not how the story ends; it’s how it begins. He’s rescued by alien space outlaws and his […]


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Space Rogues 2 Cover and Title Now Final

by John Wilker in Announcements, eBooks, I am a Creator, Kindle, Writing

Space Rogues 2: Big Ship, Lots of Guns That’s it! That’s the title, and this (Over to the right) is the cover! I’ve been typing (It’s a working title) for so long it’s almost second nature. Gonna take some getting used to not using it now, well for book 2 that is. Book 3 is […]

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The Importance of Not Rushing

by John Wilker in Business, eBooks, I am a Creator, Writing

I’m not a patient person. Amazon two day (when it works) delivery is my friend. Amazon Prime Now is my best friend. I make a business decision and want to see the results immediately. I place an ad in AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) and I want to see it’s impact immediately. You see where I’m […]

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Starting is the Hardest Part of Writing

by John Wilker in Business, eBooks, I am a Creator, Work, Writing

I’ve no idea what other writers do to get started on their writing, but for me, it’s a multi-step thing, before I ever start to type. Space Rogues is the only exception to this post (And yeah that means only 2 data points, inclusive, whatever). That was created, as I’ve said many times, without a […]

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