The Space Rogues Series

Wil and the crew of the Ghost are a lot of things: smugglers, privateers, sometimes pirates, always heroes. These are their stories. Stories of adventures, monsters, bad guys and, as the crew calls them, Earthisms.


I’m just not super into Picard

So I’ve been watching the new Star Trek: Picard show. It’s fun, I’ll keep watching but I’m not really invested….

I Made a Lightsaber

The main goal of the trip was Galaxy’s Edge, or as I call it, “Star Wars Land” so I could make a Lightsaber!

I failed my 2019 reading challenge.

I’ve been doing the Goodreads reading challenge since, well I think since they started. This is the first year I’ve…

A Year and Decade in Review

Welp, we’ve passed the Winter Solstice, and in just a few hours we’ll be saying goodbye not just to 2019,…


Apparently, I’m on a theme right now. Today’s post is about “stuff” aka “Merch” Two weeks ago I didn’t have…

In Person Events

I decided around mid-year to start putting myself out there as an author, like in person, in front of other…


So I’ve made it through almost all of my in-person stuff. Rocky Mtn Con – Check MileHiCon – Check CO…

Meet the crew of the Ghost – Wil Calder

Saving the Captain for last, because, well, it’s Wil. I’ve had a mental image of the crew of the Ghost…

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