The Space Rogues Series

Wil and the crew of the Ghost are a lot of things: smugglers, privateers, sometimes pirates, always heroes. These are their stories. Stories of adventures, monsters, bad guys and, as the crew calls them, Earthisms.


WIP Thursday 3/26 The importance of Physical Fitness

We all know the importance of physical fitness (I’m typing this on a day I chose to sleep in vs….

Selling when things are shit

I won’t lie, two weeks ago, we wrapped up Ignite Denver a few days before social distancing was the order…

WIP Thursday 3/19 – Deep Thoughts

I have been, well lax would be generous, on WIP Thursday posts. Partly because it can be tough to pick…


I’ve always loved watches. I’ve written before about how I don’t (anymore) own an Apple Watch. They’re fine, especially now…

Selling Wide, still

I got an email from a reader the other day asking if the Space Rogues series would be in Kundle…

I’m just not super into Picard

So I’ve been watching the new Star Trek: Picard show. It’s fun, I’ll keep watching but I’m not really invested….

I Made a Lightsaber

The main goal of the trip was Galaxy’s Edge, or as I call it, “Star Wars Land” so I could make a Lightsaber!

I failed my 2019 reading challenge.

I’ve been doing the Goodreads reading challenge since, well I think since they started. This is the first year I’ve…

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