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Flex in the News.

Strike another success in the Macromedia Flex feather. Alton Towers has implemented a Flex solution to handle their booking. Hard to beat statements like this. "designed to offer the user more immediate transitions between display pages, has led to a threefold increase in online hotel bookings…" Way to Go Macromdia. Once Flex 2 is out, these types of accomplishments will be even more widespread.

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The Airport

Arriving at the airport is always the easiest part: Quick drop off, little to no people interaction. It usually goes very very awry just after that. Check In Check ins keep getting easier and easier, thanks to technology. The Electronic ticket machine is my best friend, most machines are actually, so much easier to deal with than people. If you have no bags to check, you have it made: no human interaction. Of course, things can still go downhill. Waiting in line to use the E-Ticket machine are a handful of characters common to every airport: the Old Lady who has no clue about computers and the Anxious Couple who arrive at the airport a scant 30 minutes before their flight. This trip the clueless lady was particularly old and…

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Flex Project… Go!!

I was talking to a friend and he was saying he’s starting a flex project of his own. Get a more concrete grasp on the technology. Makes sense to me. While I wait for Roundpeg to land some Flex work I can do I figure I should experiment on my own. So starting next week I will be devoting as much free time as I can to “flex-ifying” my Time Management Console app. This app is a CF app I wrote to track my time, and manage my invoicing. Seems like a good candidate for a Rich Internet App. I’m also in the process of Scripting the Database (should be done by Monday) so that I can make that available for download should anybody be interested. In the meantime, I’ve…

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