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March 2005

Ah the good ol’ days

WesTech was a systems integrator/VAR back in teh days when those shops made money. When hardward started to get tough, we moved more into software. You know an something is big when you tell your Purchasing Agent (me), “hey you’re gonna be a web developer on Monday, go get a book.” The good is that that started my life as a Web Developer. I can’t thank them enough for that. The bad is that the company just couldn’t finish a project to save it’s life. We built web sites that should have cost 10k or more and were selling them for 1k or less. It’s always good when the development manager, has never developed a website in his life, has no formal web training or knowledge, has no marketing training,…

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Blow drying your nuts

I work out Monday through friday. My Fiancee and I get up early, we carpool in with another friend, all that jazz. Let me just put you on notice. The LA Fitness in Irvine is full of freaks! Freaks like you can’t imagine. For the last week or so we’ve noticed this guy who after showering, walks over to the public blow dryers and proceeds to shove the nozel under his towel and blow dry his sack.  Actually he started doing it naked, but I guess figured out that leaving the towel around the waste was more efficient. Who knows. But each day, here he is, blow dryer roaring, making his nuts nice and toasty. Damp crotch is no fun for anyone, but assuming you have a towel (he does)…

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