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April 2005

What’s not to like about monkeys?

Nicole and I went to see David Sedaris at the Barclay theatre at UCI. This dude is just damn funny. I’m not sure if he’s as funny to read as he is to listen to. His voice and tone just makes his stories so much more hilarious. I haven’t laughed that hard in a really long time. It was a great experience. Particularly hearing him explain how he writes. what his “process” is. Very informative. I’ve got Me Talk Pretty One Day on my iPod. gotta start listenning to it. Can’t wait.

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Coutrtesy Desk, not brain trust desk

The courtesy desk is in theory the first line of defence for the department associates. Turning away the truly lame people trying to return things with KMart or target price tags still on them. They’re not supposed to (at least when I was there) make decisions without consulting the electronics department associates. I was one of those. One night I go up to get our returns and find a small box. THe kind bracelets come in or a pair of ear rings. The little cardboard jobs with a lid. Well I open it up and inside are 6 little computer chips. The kind you’d solder on to a logic board somewhere. No idea what they did. “what’re these?” “Computer memory.” the courtesy clerk replies. “Perhaps for a Radio Shack computer…

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