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May 2005

How to go nowhere fast

or… How do I always manage to be the employee that does his job, works hard, keeps abreast of business and technology, steps up to manage projects and architect solutions, yet still not be the employee that is a) given the position with responsibility. b) Treated like he knows anything at all about 1-the business, and 2-The technology. The answer is I don’t know. Believe me, if I did know, I’d stop doing whatever I am doing that puts me in that position. You think I like this? I like the place I work. It’s largely evil, and only cares about money, not people (customers or employees), but the people are (mostly) good, They know their stuff, and the money is not too bad. That said. I’ve been overlooked recently…

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Are you really telling me how to do my job?

Some days I just want to punch, kick, or strangle someone. Today it was one of our “senior engineer” fellas. Now on a normal day I like him a lot. He knows his shit. Today though he honestly tried to tell me how to set up a ColdFusion server. I’ve installed and set up CF more times than him I can guarantee, and on top of that I know what I’m doing. For him it’s just an install. I was flabbergasted, he suggested I google the topic. FUCK THAT. You google it. I know what I’m talking about. Lately I have that spider sense tingle that life here is on a slow boat to no where. Career advancement… Ah to have that would be nice.

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The Commercial Space

Jake had never been to space. That in and of itself wasn’t really all that weird, given that commercial space flight had only really taken off in the last ten years. Still largely the domain of the rich or the sweepstakes winner. In fact this trip wouldn’t have been possible if not for Gram’s untimely passing. Having married successfully several times she had a sizable estate. She had been planning a trip to the station for months, it was the latest of her routine trips to the far corners of the globe, this time the corner was going to be a little bit farther. The Lawsuit had added extra padding to Jakes inheritance. Hard to believe companies couldn’t keep the proximity sensors maintained on their delivery trucks even in this…

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No you can’t have my stapler

Among the weirdos I work with, several stick out as extra special weird. SK is one of them. I am fortunate enough to not be on many projects with him. He’s a PM, and I’ve dodged that bullet so far. However he comes around often enough looking for co-workers in my row. Twice now he’s taken special notice of my red swingline stapler. “Hey, you have a stapler. You buy that?” If i say no, I’m afraid he’ll steal it. Thankfully the truth is, “My Fiancee bought it for me, back up cowboy.” Is there such a thing as a stapler fetish?

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