June 2005

Porn Face

“Feel it!” “ARRRRRRGGGGHHHH… Yeeeaaaahhhhh” “One more! One Moooooorrreee!!! You can do it!!!!” If you saw the look on Mikes face you might think he was giving birth, or perhaps staring in a porn flick. In fact, he wasn’t. He was pressing 235 pounds. A new high for Mike. “AAARRRRRHHHHHH” Mike isn’t a pirate either. It’s a common occurance at gyms across the country f or men; regardless of the weight, to make almost pornstar like faces and grunt, groan, exhale loudly, and in Mike’s case, sound like a pirate, when lifting weights. This phenominon is limited to free weights however. Those men that use the weight stack style machines seem to be immune to the affects that cause this condition. Scientists aren’t sure if it’s the metal in the handles…

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It takes 10 years?!?!?

Towards the end of the day today AP got into a conversation with TB and TO. The best part was when AP says, getting streamlined with the kinds of processes we’re trying to put into place takes 10 years or so. “We’re doing pretty good after only one.” What a load of crap. It’s unlikely AP has ever worked anywhere for that long, or even worked anywhere that’s spent 10 years implementing a Change Management and source code control process. SInce a place that takes that long is unlikely to make it to 10 years. I’ll be the first to agree that change takes time and that for us there’s a lot of culture changes that need to take place, but 10 years. What a load of crap. Of course…

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10 bucks for a fucked up duck

Had two interesting meetings today. Met with a friend of mine for lunch. Talked about his company and the things he’s doing there. Was really hoping he was gonna say, “we need web and system architects like white people need rhythm.” and actually he did say something like that, unfortunately he’s fighting the good fight, largely alone at the moment. The culture over there is very, “my department, my empire.” no one wants a group that is above that that doesn’t care about what group wants to hord what dominion on a technology. Sad since they are still small and growing. Hopefully he’s able to change opinions over there. THe upside was we talked about work stuff, so he paid for lunch to expense it :) Free ninety nine can’t…

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