Where to begin

by John Wilker in Work

Life has been really fucking hectic lately.

TO got written up. That sucks.

I’ve been pretty busy with my “1 week M&E Project”, turned 4 month ordeal. Well it goes live tonight. I worked until 7pm last night, 6:30pm tonight. I don’t mind putting in the long hours when needed, but until we move closer to our work, it really sucks putting in that  kind of time and effort for little or no appreciation.

On the plus side, I think my bosses boss is seeing my value, which means a lot to me. We’ll see. They have very little time to do right by me, pretty much as long as it takes me to find somewhere else where I can grow. So the race is on. I’m half hoping that current job steps up and does the right thing, after all it’s our motto.

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