August 2005

Time Management & Invoicing

Long ago in a galaxy far, far away I worked on a project for an employer. They wanted some way for us developers (and eventually QA, and such) to track our time. The reason was two fold; see what we were spending our time on, and capitalize any new development in order to manage costs. Well as resident CF Guru the application we needed fell to me. Not only was I the sole developer, I was the technical architect, before such titles existed. Long story short I came up with a pretty damn robust time tracking app, with lots of reporting features. When I left there and the company folded, I modified the application (which I somehow accidentally left on a CD) to be my time tracking and invoicing app…

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Scope Creep! I damn near killed her!

There really should be fines for those who indulge in either scope creep or over engineering a solution. I’m all for delivering a quality product, obviously. I’m a professional. However, delivering an over engineered solution that solves problems that people aren’t having, late, is not cool. In my experience users would rather have what they asked for on time, and then think about V2 to address the difficencies in the current version. Windows 3.0 wasn’t the last version of Windows. Too many developers out there, are so concerned with only working on cool new shit that they forget that if not them, someone has to maintain the beast they create. So they build this massive impossible to understand frankenstein monster of an application. It really sucks some times.

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My version of Captcha

Rob Brooks Bilson has an interesting post on how CFX_captcha is (or was at the time of his post) is proving to be tough to beat. For those (are there any) that don’t know, captcha systems are those annoying little things that ask us to type in some random string of letters and numbers. As Rob points out, for those of us that are color blind these systems are really hard to deal with. Hell I’m not color blind and I often have to refresh until I get a legible string. So this brings us to my version. I could have used cfx_captcha, but I’m cheap and it woulda cost like $10/month for CrystalTech to host the CFX for me. Pass! I launched my blog with no spammer protection initially….

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Paul Graham nuggets

I was killing some time at work today… ironic when you read this Here are some really great quotes. I decided to pull a few quotes out in case you don’t want to read the whole article. Paul really does have some incredible insights into how developers think. He calls us hackers, which doea sometimes fit. Not often enough for me. “The atmosphere of the average workplace is to productivity what flames painted on the side of a car are to speed.” How true is this? I come in every morning to a literal maze of cube walls. Sometimes when there’s a loud noise lots of heads pop up. I’ve had the opportunity to work remotely before and can definitely atest to the truth that I was much more productive,…

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