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October 2005


I’ve never been a big fan of CSS. No real reason, it just seemed like such a PITA. And it is really, let’s be honest. BUT I’m working on a site for a client and they want it mostly CSS. More search engine friendly and all. I know enough CSS to fill a shot glass. Prefer other things in my shot glasses, but my CSS knowledge will if needed fit there. My buddy Tom used one of our co-workers’ books on CSS, and said it had helped him with his immediate need. So.. off to the local B&N I went. The local B&N actually has a really good section for computer books, I was impressed, and had I not been in a hurry to get back to the house and…

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Search Engine Friendliness

A client of my client recently had me make their site Search Engine friendly. Was quite an interesting project. I had never really looked into SEO, and SES stuff before. Gave me a chance to get a little insight into how the search engines work in relation to dynamic sites. We used <cf_fake_url> to accomplish the ses conversion. It actually made the transition quite easy. A few pages required some tweaking with how they pass variables but otherwise it was a simple matter of changing all <A href> tags to use page.cfm/var/value/var/value. Worked rather well I must say.

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Types of Web Developer

In my travels I’ve come across three types of Web Developer. Actually web developer is too specific, programmer is more general of a term. The one who thrives on working in a small environment The enterprise IT programmer (seems to be the most common) A subset of this programmer is the politician. the guy who is so bleeding edge, he’s dangerous. At my previous employer we had all three. The Type 2 Myself and two others fell into category 2. We liked programming, liked having some guidelines. liked having process. We liked using source control, and really liked not having too much access to production. We saw new technologies as ways to make things better as well as ways to make ourselves more marketable. We didn’t see new technologies as…

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A print server! My Kingdom for a print server

Print Server Woahs!! So the Cables to go print server arrived last week. I played with it a little, had no luck. Today I hop on line and visit their site. They ahve this great feature where you can (in the words of Mr. T) Jib jab with a tech support flunky. Let me lay some ground rules here. I am an elitist. The customer is rarely right, except when they are. When the line is too long so they want a discount, they’re wrong. When something is mispriced, it’s a mistake, not cause for a discount. Get over it. However, as a consumer I feel it’s my right to the full details of a product. If it causes midgets to catch on fire when they touch it, I should…

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