San Francisco, Day 3

by John Wilker in Business, Consulting, Travel, Work

Nicole and I are in SF this week. She’s working remotely, I’m attending som Flex training at Roundpeg.

We flew in saturday morning, drove from San Jose to SF. Not overly impressed with the lands between the two cities. We arrived in SF and worked on finding the hotel. I hate renting cars, but Hertz and their Neverlost, GPS set up are absolutely a must. Worth the 9.95 a day extra. The hotel is quite odd. It’s called the “Club Quarters” I’m guessing it’s primary business is the business traveler, not tourists. For one thing, it’s members only (thankfully, Travelocity is a member so now, so are we.), and the rooms are perfect for a single business person. Nothing more. Small is an understatement, there’s a bed (queen thankfully), a small desk, a TV (on the wall so as not to waste floor space) and a small bathroom with stand up shower. I guess business people don’t luxuriate in bath tubs.

The niceties though are many. Wifi and LAN in the rooms. Wifi in a central lounge type place, with cushy couches and chairs, a TV and a few computer stations. The bar next door (and connected to) offers free wifi as well, and next door to that is a starbucks, with the aforementioned sucky Tmobile Hotspot. There’s also a small sundeck on the top floor.

We met up with my high school buddy, Ahmad on Saturday night. He proceeded to treat us to some damn fine sushi and get me completely shit faced on Saki bombs. Then we went to a bar and continued to do bad things.

Sadly Saturday night’s fun, ruined most of Sunday.

2 Responses to “San Francisco, Day 3”

  1. John says:

    Please be cautious of getting involved with Roundpeg. They are liars and do not have the client in their best interest.

    See attached Red Herring article:

  2. jwilker says:

    Wow, that's a sad story to read.

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