Dreamweaver 8 or CFEclipse

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

Tom and I have been talking the last few days about CFEclipse and Dreamweaver. It’s kinda nice that he finally gets to flex his brain muscle, out from under Argent. At any rate…

We’ve been taking about our likes and dislikes, thought I’d share. I would post a full review of DW 8, but I’ve got one in the queue at sitepoint, so I won’t.

I’ve been on an open source kick for a little while now. Dumped M$ Office, only use IE for development, and of course have Eclipse installed. (sorry that’s as open source as I get right now)

First Dreamweaver. I know some of you are hard core code nazi’s holding strong on to that old 8mb install file for CF studio or Homesite. More power to you. I like Dreamweaver, I don’t do WYSIWG stuff, so I don’t care about that aspect of DW. For strictly coding, it really is a nice IDE. great features, to help abstract the writing of code a little bit. Yes it’s a bit bloated, what isn’t CFeclipse ain’t too small either ya know.

So features I like.

  • I like the dual screen support. Floating panels rock, and the fact that now I can save my specific layout, absolutely rocks.
  • Auto complete. Yeah I’m lazy, who isn’t? The auto complete in DW is at least a little smart. When I type a TR tag the closing one doesn’t pop in. I’m free to open my TDs and other tags, Starting the closing tag, DW will do it’s best to close the appropriate tag. It’s not 100% spot on, but better than nothing.
  • The coding toolbar is nice. I’ve missed having such handy functions at my fingertips
  • The commenting is nice. Highlight some text go to the comment button, select, /* comments, CF comments, and more.
    • Highlight a commented out bit of code, click the remove comments button, comments are gone. quite nice.
  • I like that I can highlight code and wrap it in any tag I like. Easy to put something into a case or if block.
  • THere’s more, this is in no way comprehensive

CFEclipse. I really like this concept. I really like the IDE. Some of the metaphors take some time getting used to. Projects are a bit different than "sites" in Dreamweaver.

  • I like that it’s light. Not many extra features I don’t want, cluttering things up. Like WYSIWYG view and such.
  • It’s got a neat CFC wizard
  • Some of the side panels ( I have no idea what they’re called) are nice like the method view when you have CFCs open.
  • I love the snippets. I don’t use CFE enough to get the full hang of it, but they’re hella powerful, I’ve got two that I use all the time. THey’re cool and dynamic
  • If I used it more I have no doubt there’d be more features I like!

This is (again) by no means meant to be a review or anything, just wanted to post some thoughts I had had about these two IDEs.

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