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Merry Christmas!

Well it’s done; the tree is naked underneath, the big black trashbag is full of torn, shredded and otherwise destroyed warpping paper, the ham (or turkey, if you roll like that) has been eaten, the presents have been played with, and now are finding their homes. I hope you all got what you wanted/needed. I know I did. I’ve now got plenty of reading to do (Thanks to Neil Gaiman), and some money to be spent at REI, which believe me, I can’t wait to spend. Nicole and I have plenty of things on our short (but not really) list of things to buy to be ready  for camping and hiking season.

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Backup Redux

So after being all preachy about backups… I got bit. I was at starbucks, working away on my MacBook Pro, when the poor thing seized, hard. I forced it to shut down and came home… Big mistake. Parallels was running my Dev VM of WIndows XP and after the crash… it no worky. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get Windows working again. In the end I had to do a "repair" from the CP install CD. Thankfully everything remained functional… except Jrun! WHich was completely hosed. Spent the rest of the night trying to get either jRun installed, and then finally opting to move away from Jrun. Time for something new… TomCat. The lesson learned, Back up the Virtual Machines!!! DO it now!! I am. As…

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Do you Backup?

Having a home office rocks. It kicks ass over a cubicle any day of the week. Except when I need something I got used to in corporate life. Like having my work backed up, free coffee, a view from 9 floors up that DIDN’T look into my neighbors kitchen…. But tonight the topic is backups. Most people don’t do it. That’s a fact. I used to be one of them. Until I found Carbonite. There are lots of options. online and off. I like carbonite. the interface while semi childish, is cake… i can’t imagine it being any simpler to use. It integrates into windows allowing you to right click a file and decide if it’ll be backed up, OR if that TYPE of file will or won’t be backed…

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