Model-Glue Progress

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

I’ve been playing with the Model-Glue 1. quickstart off and on all day today. I have to say I really like it. I’m already thinking about ways I can rewrite some current apps to use it. It’s definitely helping to get my head fully around MVC, which I’ve never much thought about, but have done as a more or less automatic approach. Model-Glue has helped me refine my thinking some just in this first day. I’ll have to pick it apart some more to understand what all the bed bugs under the covers are up to, but I like it so far.

Joe, just (pre-)announced that Model-Glue 2.0 is coming, maybe not soon, CFunited ’06 or so, but it’s coming. I definitely look farward to doing more with it. This is a truly great contribution to the community.

Speaking of CFUnited ’06, I’ve pretty much decided that if I only attend one Dev Conference this year, it’ll be CFUnited. If Macrodobia continues to put on MAX and it’s someplace nice, I’ll try to go to that too, but CFUnited is a known quantity at this point.

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