TMC is now public facing

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

Back in the day I worked for Directfit (Great idea, piss poor execution. Typical .com) I wrote what was then called the Directfit Time Management Console (DTMC). When I left just before they went away completely I kept a copy of my code. They actually were ok with that since they were thinking of paying me as a contractor to build it out to support all the associates nationwide. That didn’t work out.

I kept the code up (aside from a nasty HDD issue where I lost about 6 months of code) and added functionality. I used it in my own consulting to track my billable time. It only made sense that if I was tracking my billable time that it should be able to invoice for that time. So I did that. It now invoices.

Tom asked if it was public last week, so he could track his time on it. It wasn’t, until an hour later :) I added a server to my hosting and uploaded the TMC (Time Management Console). It’s still a bit rough. for a long time it’s been a single user app. some of the multiuser support was lost in the aforementioned HDD issue, but it’s coming along. Some screen shots are here this week I hope to create a view only account/group so people can tour the app and see it work.

The course code is public and open so if there’s any interest just raise yer hand.

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