my MVC experiences

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

I’ve been onsite for a week now at my new Client. I really dig the folks there. Very cool peeps. I’m a bit nervous about my lack of MVC experience. They’ve adopted a model of MVC-2, and I’ve only started playing with ModeGlue an itty bitty bit. It doesn’t help that one of the developers there that is leading the project I’m on has a thing for abstracting for the sake of abstracting. So it’s just that much more for my braing to wrap around. It’s all good though. I figure if I can succeed with this architecture, I’ll be good with just about anything I come across.

I’ll probably need to spend some time with him on Monday to really solidify my understanding of his though process and how I should be going forward. Somehow I ended up with the thing I’m least skilled at. The View. UI isn’t even my forte, go figure. On top of that I think I probably have one of the tougher parts, view wise. Oh well that’s how it goes.

Timing in life is funny. I no sooner sign up for an online writing course than I take on a new client and am onsite all week in downtown. I haven’t down this sessions’ reading and have until wednesday to do my assignments. Plus I haven’t kept up with the dritics corner. ARGH.

On top of that I have a project I’m wrapping with another client. Spec? what spec? "It’s pretty standard that a developer write an app from a screen shot." I’ll be so glad when this project is over.

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