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February 2006

Writing assignment Week 3

Well I had a whole post about how I picked a helluva time to take my writing class, blah blah, big project for new client, blah blah blah. Here’s the assignment for session three, I missed the submission deadline so this assignment isn’t getting critiqued by the instructor or the class :( Hopefully I can make session 4 on time. Tasks: (1) write a 250-word description of a real or fictional person—both inner and outer characteristics—using any sense(s) except sight; (2) write a 250-word description of a place with "character," revealing the elements that suggest its history; (3) write the opening of a story or essay featuring the character you described in part one of this assignment OR write a series of connected scenes featuring EITHER several dramatic scenes connected…

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I’ll buy that for ….. Five Dollars!!

Dave Carabetta has a great post on axosoft (never heard of them) pretty much giving away their 495.00 software for 5.00, on top of that, the 5.00 goes to the Red Cross. I’ve never used this app, never even heard of it. I bought it though. Even if it sucks, I’m out five bones. If it doesn’t, my company now has a 5 user license for a project management application that could rock! All that aside.. I’d buy this app even if it was nothing more than an app with the word "jabberwokky" blinking in the middle. Why? Because Axosoft is engaging in the kind of social networking experiment that I really dig. They’re not linking to the promo page anywhere on their site. Not mentioning it anywhere. Nothing. Mums…

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Preach on Mike Rankin!

Mike Rankin has a great blog post talking about (I think) some of the places I have worked :) I completely agree and have even from time to time become the peron he is talking about. As much as I hate to admit it! I’ve been worrking on my side of that problem as much as I possibly can. Not enough yet to make me not feel like a loser, but still more than many people I know. Less than many more. All in all I think Mike is 100% spot on.  Especially when it comes to managers and CxOs. I’ve been at several places where the expansion of knowledge and the trying of new things was not just not supported but was frowned on. Development teams were kept small…

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Ellen Feiss I am not. But….

My wife (love of my life) ok’ed my new laptop last night. I’ve been wanting something small and lightweight to lug around to do writing assignments on. I’ve also wanted a mac for a long time. Soooooo. Picked up a refurbed iBook 12 inch 1Ghz at the outlet. Should be here next week. I can’t wait to play with it. oh and Ellen Feiss is her. And since I haven’t been doing my most recent writing assignments I now have no excuse as I can take the iBook to lunch easilly enough. My dev laptop is a bit of a monster to lug around in one hand. Though I have been working out so…. At any rate. I’m excited. Can’t wait to enjoy the goodness of Tiger.

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