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March 2006

Writing for Engadget

I saw a posting on Engadget today, they’re looking for writers, or a writer, not sure. In any case I sent the link to Tom, who wasn’t interested, "Not my type of writing." I wasn’t sure I was interested either. i love reading engadget, even when it’s about something I couldn’t care less about, the writing is witty and creative, exactly my type of writing. so what the hell? Why not. So I just clicked send on my "application" We’ll see what happens.

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What if…. Google was evil?

I was sitting at my desk, checking my Gmail (do we even call it Email any more?). I noticed that the program I use to store data in Gmail, Gdisk actually makes a message and stores it as a draft. It’s rumored Google is preparing to offer their own Gdisk product. On top of that Google just bought Writely, meaning (it’s assumed) they plan to offer an online office suite of some kind. Don’t forget the google Pack. they’re making it even easier to surrender your computer to Google. I know I run the Google desktop, you probably are too or know some one who is. I’ve got Google Earth on my Dell and the iBook. G talk keeps all of our conversations for "our convenience" and makes them searchable….

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The Land of the Giants

And no i don’t mean the campy 70’s era show. I mean In the Company of Giants. I’ve been curious recently, who are today’s giants? The book was written almost ten years ago. That’s a long time in technology. Some of those giants are still around and still giants; Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michael Dell. What about new Giants? Who’s a giant today? Jeff Bezos? the founders of Ebay? Y! Google? What about hardware? I hadn’t ever heard of Cypress Semi before I read Giants, but he was still a giant of the time. I’m quite certain there are giants right under my nose that fly just under the public radar, but are none the less leaders in their industry. What do you think? Who do you think are giants?

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