May 2006

Bad programmer checklist

Saw this posted on CNET. Damien Katz has a checklist to see if you’re a bad programmer. It’s rather funny, some of the items on it. Having just come from Argent Mortgage, land of the "enterprise" app, the 7 servers per environment for a ColdFusion website. "Enterprisey" isn’t a punchline to you. This is serious stuff dammit. "Enterprise" is not just a word, it’s a philosophy, a way of life, a path to enlightenment. Anything that can be written, deployed or upgraded with minimal fuss is dismissed as a toy that won’t "scale" for future needs. Meanwhile most of the real work in your office is getting done by people sending around Excel spreadsheets as they wait for your grand enterprise visions to be built. Java is all you’ll ever…

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well if Verizon says it’s ok, it must be ok…

cnet news has a listing of articles on the net nuetrality battle. Some are downright retarded, I mean, really retarded…. Verizon says Net neutrality is overhyped Really? Verizon says it’s no biggy? Well shucks then what am I worrying about. One of the companies that stands to win big by charging for a tiered internet says it’s really nothing to worry about. Here I was losing sleep over the loss of such a tremendously powerful tool like the internet. Politico rejects Net neutrality concerns Barton dismissed their concerns. "If I’m a Yahoo or an and I’m investing hundreds of millions of dollars into my service, I’m willing to invest 10 cents a video to get it to my customers," he said. I’m guessing Representative Barton has no idea how…

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Save the Internet(s)

Scott sent this to me. I’ve been aware of Net Nuetrality for a little while, so signing the petition to keep it nuetral. In typical Congressional fashion, our elected officials are selling us up the river in favor of big business. Go sign the petition, be active, you can’t bitch about it if you haven’t done anything about it.

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