Progress in my Flex work

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

I made a (albeit small) break through in my struggles to master Flex 2 development. Tom and I have been working together (meaning he’s been giving me lots of pointers on ActionScript syntax) over the last 3 days or so on getting my app to talk to the login web service I wrote. Today it did. The whole login process went smoothly. Tomorrow hopefully registration will take little time at all and I can start on the real meat of the application.

I found some useful info on how to work with web services in ActionScript in Flex 2.

userWS = new WebService();
userWS.useProxy = false;

userWS.addEventListener("result", wsLoginResult);
userWS.addEventListener("fault", wsLoginFault);
var op:AbstractOperation;
op = userWS[‘tmcUserExists’];
var args:Object = new Object();
args.DataSource = "timeDSN";
args.UserLogin = loginValue;
args.UserPassword = passwordValue;
op.arguments = args;

The nice thing is you can have multiple methods, and each can define a result/fault handler pair specific to that methods purpose, which helps a lot.

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