June 2006

My Wife Loves me…. and Supports me.

Nicole IM’ed me a link to a little writing (poetry) contest on a blog. Kinda a round a bout link through. we have no kids and this site is for moms who home school (which I’m even against, but that’s neither here nor there). At any rate her IM to me was, "just something to keep you writing." Man, my wife rocks! I don’t know if the blogger meant for Haiku to count or not I’m not submitting it to the site, but Haiku is what I do. I like the simplicity, I really like that there’s no meter, just plain and simple format. I love format. Hate Meter. Not that it sucks, I just can’t do it. Tom writes some truly inspired poetry, I don’t. Without Further Adieu, my…

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