by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

I didn’t get a change to blog about day two on day two, so here it is, a few hours late.

Joe Rinehart presented on the MVC design pattern and talked at length about how it works and such. very informative. Plus a little peak at Model Glue 2, which looks great!

Sandy Clark gave a presentation on positioning in CSS, I’m a little more into CSS because of it, so that’s a plus. My last endeavor with CSS ended poorly. I think I’ll try it again. She did a great job covering positioning, I’m sure she could fill an entire day on the topic.

After lunch (it was a little better than day one) I went to Hal Helms, er Simon Horwith‘s (Hal couldn’t make it I guess) presentation on design patterns, and anti patterns. Guess I have some reading to do on the subject.

The final presentation of the day was Tom Link‘s Flex 2.0 Event model. Quite interesting. I’ve played a bit with Flex 1.5 and 2.0s events. so the presentation was building on what I knew which was nice. Also helped to confirm to myself what I knew and recalled about the event system. Did learn a lot of new things about it too though.

All in all a really great conference so far, great seminars, great folks, some of us could stand to be a bit less nerdy, but hey! Who am I to judge?

The ColdFusion Celebration last night was fun, free beer is always fun.

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