Day one wrap up

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

It’s a wrap!

To start, it looked like a lovely day outside. We got here last saturday, 4 days early, to sight see and such. rained each day, 100% humidity, 80 degree temps. Pretty sucky.

OK onto CFUnited.

As I mentioned, the keynote was good. Ben had some great little sneak peaks of CFMX 8, "SCORPIO" and Tim Buntel is back in the hiz ouse. I’ve never met him or dealt with him, but it sounds like he’s where he needs to be. Allaire sucked at it, Macromedia sucked at it, hopefully Tim will keep Adobe from sucking at it!


The first session I hit was the "managing CFCs with factories", by Sean Corfield. I know there’s still 2 days left, but as yet, this was the best preso I’ve seen. Not only was it cool to see him present in person, but the topic was eye opening, and I’m not new to CFCs or anything.

After that I hit up a great presentation by Joey Coleman about managing and growing your personal brand, In the "this isn’t tech" category, Joey’s rocked. It was incredibly informative!

Lunch was lunch.

After lunch I hit up the CF/Flex integration seminar. it was weak. No offense to Laura and Nahuel, but the presentation was bland, boring and nothing at all different from what we’ve seen at any CFUG meeting.

Nate Nelsons talk on the undocumented features of CFMX was pretty good, I left 30 minutes in, mainly because as interesting as they were, they weren’t anything I was interested in.

The final part of the night was the mixer event.
nerds are nerds, if people weren’t squirrelled away with their laptop sitting all alone, they were engaged in conversations with co-workers. I bailed after 30 minutes and one Heineken.

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