July 2006

How to manage Geeks

Funny how so few people get it. This blogger does. I saw the link on CNET. I’ve pasted it verbatum, throwing in notes in between. I’ve worked a number of places, and have never seen all 10 in the same place. In fact I’ve seen very few in any one place. If management had any clue at all, most companies could really conqour their markets. Unfortunately they don’t get it, and in the end, so many vanish into history, their geeks moving on to other companies, hoping they’ll be treated better the next time. 1. Geeks are curious. Let them feed their desire to learn things I don’t know how much emphasis I can place on this point. You can take the ultimate geek…give them a rockin’ compensation package…and give…

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The publishing industry needs overhaul!

I’ve been writing for a while now. Not getting rich off of it, but doing it none the less. I’ve written a few chapters here and there for tech books, articles galore. I’ve done more book proposals than I can count, had one picked up even. But in general the publishing world is completely retarded! Before my story here’s the typical model for getting a book published. Proposal Either you’re asked to create one Or you do on your own Due Dilligence Mad research. Who else has done something similar, why you’re better, etc. Submission Here the "industry" takes it’s sweet time deciding what to do. "you’re on" Write your book in (insert retarded number here) months. So Tom and I had an idea for a book. I’ve blogged about…

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