New Conference on the block

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

Keep your March open, early March. Dates not set in stone but it looks like the as-yet-unnamed-Flex-Conference wil be early March.

Tom Ortega (silvaFUG fame) and I, as well as Adobe and Ebay are talking about getting a conference started. It’s really Tom’s brainchild, but Ebay and Adobe have both jumped on board like crackheads on a dime bag. I can’t blame them. The Flex conference scene is pretty bare at the moment. CFUnited‘s Flex content was only so so, IMHO. MAX is next week, I’m sure it’ll be good, but it’s not Flex centric. We’re thinking of a conference along the lines of Flash Forward. Something that won’t touch on Flex, won’t mention it, won’t cover it among other technologies, but will be 100% grade-A Flex only goodness.

I’m excited! It’s still super early in the planning stages, but keep your ear to the ground. Ted Patrick (Adobe) will likely be talking it up, and if Tom gets the knack of blogging, he’ll talk about it too.

Stay tuned!

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