Time to move…. homes

My wife and I have entered contract on a new home. We’re moving on up… to Denver. Leaving the ‘burbs (Highlands Ranch) behind. Our offer was accepted on Saturday. Of course there’s no pictures yet, mainly because when we went up Saturday to look around, we didn’t know that our offer had been accepted. I’ll probably go up this week sometime to take some pics as well as a few measurements, we’ll be putting a small artificial grass dog run up on the deck for Terrance and Phillip.   We’re crazy excited! We close in less than a month, hopefully in only two weeks or so. Ours is the one next to the pool, which isn’t built yet, and won’t be for some time. Having no kids the burbs isn’t…

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Jailbreak!! Jailbreak!!

So last night I came across a post on TUAW about two new GUI jailbreak apps. GUI? no need to put my linux hacker hat on?   iJailbreak (for intel macs only, for now) is great. There’s a few commentors bitchin’ about it not working, my guess is maybe they weren’t patient. Some reported it taking 5 minutes, I’d say mine took 10. I was literally sitting around for a while watching this little "Please wait, this might take a while" screen. The UI is great, in it’s simplicity. The prompts walk you through every step. In the end, several reboots later, you’re the proud owner of jailbroken iPod Touch.   The picture kinda sucks, I’ve never been good at taking pictures of electronics…   So far I’ve installed Stumblr…

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Greetings Programs!

First saw this on the SF-F blog " Commercial director Joseph Kosinski is in final negotiations to develop and direct "Tron," described as "the next chapter" of Disney’s 1982 cult classic. Sean Bailey is producing via the Live Planet banner, as is Steven Lisberger, who co-wrote and directed the original film. " How frakkin’ cool! And from Sci-Fi Wire "Kosinski, who last month signed on to helm the remake of Logan’s Runfor Warner Brothers, will oversee the visual development of the projectand have input on the script, which is being written by Lost writers Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. Story details are being kept secret." Talk about cool stuff on the movie front…. Tron, Robotech… jeebus!  

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