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January 2007

I’m a trav’lin man, San Jose here I come

I’m booked, San Jose here I come. Hey! Maybe I’ll crack the semaphore In preparation for 360flex, I’ll be winging out to San Jose to meet with Tom and Ted; we’ve got to meet with the Adobe peeps to do a walk thru (we did say there’d be kick ass night time fun, right?) of the Adobe location for the party one night. We’re also gonna bang out a ton of details since we’ll be face to face (it’s easier to choke people face to face, IM just doesn’t cut it some times ha). So come January 22 if anyone has the uncontrollable urge to say hi, let us know. Apparently there’s an Indian food joint that Tom has been raving about, time to see if it’s all that. Not…

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MacWorld thoughts (aside of the ‘I wish I was there thought’)

Obviously the iPhone (I dub thee, MacBerry) is on everyone’s mind right now. Mine too. My thoughts are here. I’ll be buying one, well two. My wife needs a more than phone device as well and this one having push IMAP from Yahoo is 100% what we need since her whole life is in Y! mail and calendar. AppleTV was a disappointment to me. I’m a TiVo owner. I’ve been working on convincing my wife that an Apple based media center type set up would be great, the only caveat is that it has to have TiVo like capabilities… When I first of the iTV, I thought it would answer my prayers… It didn’t, by a long shot. It doesn’t have DVR capabilities. No DVD Player (blue Ray, HD, or…

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