360Flex Sponsorships

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

If you missed the announcement on the official blog, here it is again.

The conference has a limited number of what we’re calling our level 2 sponsorships, left. Level 1 sold out pretty much the day we announced the conference. The Level 2 are going pretty quickly too.

With Level 2, you get more than four hundred pairs of eyes on your brochure. Brochure? Yeah, Level 2 sponsorship is a 2 page (front and back) brochure (color or black and white, your call)

If you’re interested, the guidelines are in the blog posting.

Don’t miss out, that’s a lot of press for the small shop or developer. Youre name and information will be in front of a lot of people.

Oh yeah. and if you’re on the fence at all about attending, that decision is about to be made without you. We’re past 95% sold now, I expect by this Friday we’ll be sold out. Don’t dilly dally.



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