CFMXJrun on the MacBook Pro is (more or less) complete

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

With much help from Simeon I’m all set with CFMX and jrun on my MBP.

I initially followed (again with some nudges from Simeon) the Definitive guide. And now that I’m done, have gotten adventurous.

The guide calls for using Lingon, which does just fine, except I’d rather not run the servers when I’m writing, surfing the web etc. No need to waste resources when they can be put to other uses :)

Some googling led me to a post from Sean, that (it took me a while to realize this) was almost 3 years old. Before I could even start doing what Sean prescribed (*nix n00b here) I had to learn what a shell script was and how to write one.

That done. I started playing with what Sean described. And then Simeon came to my aide yet again with an example script he uses to fire off servers. He’s more of a Command line(r) than I am, so I took that and what Sean described 3 years ago and came up with what’s below. It’s mostly the same app Sean wrote about, except the command line to fire off CFMX and java are  different.

So to start my servers

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