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by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

Since 360Flex is sold out, I worked up a (soon to go live) registration page for people to sign up  so that we can keep ’em posted on future events, and such. It was my first time using a RemoteObject (Usually use web services) figured I’d try some stuff I hadn’t used betore.

With a little guidence from Sim, I was ablet o get my first (simple) RemoteObject set up and running. This is also my first new application using MYsql, since I am trying to ween myself off of M$ products. I don’t mis Windows but sure do miss M$ SQL.

Also took advantage of Abdul Qabiz’s AS class for getting name value pairs out of the URL. He made it remarkably easy to to pick out vars from the URL.

import com.abdulqabiz.utils.QueryString;

if (qs.parameters.code)

in this case i’m simply looking for the url var ‘code’ which has the confirmation code from the auto generated email that the user received.

The app should go live tomorrow.

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