I was on The Flex Show!

by John Wilker in EffectiveUI

Tom Ortega and I were interviewed for an upcoming episode of the The Flex Show. It was incredibly fun! The primary topic was our Conference, 360Flex. Tom and I, and Ted Patrick from Adobe are doing, you might have heard of it. :)


Ryan and Jeff are incredibly fun to talk to, so if you’re ever in a position to do so, don’t hide behind a Fikus or anything.

We talked about the various tracks at the conference, what it’s like running a conference, what made us do it, all kinds of cool topics.

We also mentioned the company that Tom and I have started, 360 Conferences, with the intention being to provide more and various conferences on different technologies, all in the affordable developer space, you heard it here first! The website will be up shortly.


So make sure to tack a listen to the next episode of The Flex Show, and and we’ll see you in March in San Jose!

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